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CCMIE mainly produces and refits: railway pillow changer, excavator lifting cab, unloading train heightening chassis, three-section demolition arm, extension arm, unloading arm, rock hook arm, piling arm, tunnel arm, excavator bucket, shell Buckets, hydraulic clamps, loader anti-skid protection tracks, dump truck anti-skid tracks and other front-end attachments.  

Products Details

Production Introduction

Excavator lifting cab is a new product designed and produced by our company to reduce the situation that the driver's sight is blocked, so as to reduce the operation dificulty of the driver and ensure the construction safety. Thebottom of the cab of the excavator is connected with an auxiliary chassis through a hydraulic cylinder, and the auxiliary chassis is connected with the chassis of the excavator through a rotating mechanism. In the construction process, when the driver's vision is blocked due to the insufficient height of the cab, the driver can control the hydraulic cylinder to extend, so that the height of the cab is raised, so as to widen the driver's vision; when the condition of the driver's vision blocked is eliminated, the driver can control the hydraulic cylinder to retract, so that the height of the cab is reduced, so as to reduce the overall center of gravity and ensure the driving safety of the excavator.

Technical Parameters:

Cab Technical Parameters Suitable model: 13- 50 tons Cab lifting height: 2500mm (can be customized) Cab height above ground: 3800mm Distance of cab forward thrust: 800mm Driver's line of sight: 5000-5300mm Wheelhouse speed up and down: adjustable *Specific parameters can be changed according to customized requirements.

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WLYS35-5-750 case Our company can make various modifications and customize corresponding auxiliary equipment for excavators. Those who are interested can contact our company directly.

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