Excavator modification excavator piling arm

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Production Introduction

The piling arm is specially configured for excavator piling. It is different from the special boom for excavation. The piling arm is a straight arm, which is good for lifting. It is equipped with a short arm. The curved arm of the piling hammer can be connected with the arm. Good control of the piling and piling operations of the piling hammer. Scope of application of excavator piling arm: It is suitable for the vast areas of our country, and it is an ideal equipment for foundation construction such as buildings, high roads, railways, airports, bridges, ports, and docks. Excavator piling arm features: 1. Do not change the performance of the original excavator; 2. Made of high-strength steel plate; 3. Provide a great scope of work 4. It is convenient to install with the customer's existing excavator.

Technical Parameters:

The piling arm technical parameters
Excavator tonnage Unit 36 45
Total length mm 13000 15000 18000
Pile driving depth mm 12500 14500 17500
Folding length mm 12500 14300 16500
Transport height mm 3100 3100 3380
Stick length mm 4000 4000 4500
Boom length mm 9000 11000 13500
Extra Counter weight T Move back 40 Move back 60 Move back 60
Max weight of attachments T 2.8 2.8 3.5
  *Specific parameters can be changed according to customized requirements.

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Excavator modification excavator piling arm Excavator modification excavator piling arm Excavator modification excavator piling arm Our company can make various modifications and customize corresponding auxiliary equipment for excavators. Those who are interested can contact our company directly.

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