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Load centreline spacing: 1220mm Max. Load: 9000kg Sloping Angle (Front/Rear): 2/4 Min. ground clearance: 320mm Min. turning radius: 6000mm Tread (front wheel/rear wheel): 3033/2750mm Wheelbase: 4550mm Dimension (length×width×height): 6900*4100*10930mm Dead weight: 40t

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Intelligent and Highly Protective Automatic fault detection and real-time data display ●It can detect various fault states in real time and alarm accurately. ●The high-speed color display can dynamically display various machine operation parameters, SO that the opera- tor can know the working status of the whole vehicle in real time; ●the interface is rich in content and clear at a glance. Keep the chain from deflecting The chain of the Empty Container Handler has the function of anti-meandering, and the chain adjusting function is equipped on the spreader. Safety protection technology of dynamic positive and lateral anti tipping Based on the mechanics principle of dynamic load, by monitoring and calculating both the dynamic and static moment of the vehicle center and the height and position of the spreader, the automatic side tipping lock and speed limit of the automatic hinge point locking mechanism and speed control of the rear axle are carried out, thus realizing the safety guarantee against the side tipping.

Technical Parameters:

ZHD90C7 Technical Parameters

ZHD90C7 Parameters

      Rated lifting load (kg) Load centreline spacing(mm) 1220
Max. Load (kg) 9000
Sloping Angle (Front/Rear) 2/4.
Min. ground clearance (mm) 320
Min. turning radius (mm) 6000
Tread (front wheel/rear wheel)(mm) 3033/2750
Wheelbase (mm) 4550
Dimension (length×width×height)(mm) 6900*4100*10930
Dead weight (t) 40
Engine Model Cummins  QSB6.7/ Volvo TAD851VE
Rated power(KW/rpm) 185kw/ 2300rpm
Torque(Nm/rpm) 929/1500
Discharge Standard EU Stage III
Output (L) 6.7
Transmission gear box Model CLARK 13.7HR32334
Shift Auto/manual shift
Gears 3 forward andbackward gears
Driving axle Model D81PL488
Manufacturer Kessler
Position Front axle
Service brake Wet disc brake
Parking brake Spring hydraulicrelease disc brake
Spreader Model ZDJ90 (ZPMC)
Side shift distance (mm) ±600
Max load bearing (kg) 9000
Applicable scope 20'-40'InternationalStandard Containers
  Characteristic Parameters Max. hoisting speed(non-load/loaded) 600mm/s 580mm/s
Max. falling speed(non-load/loaded) 550mm/s 600 mm/s
Max. traveling speed(non-load/loaded) 28km/h 25 km/h
Gradeability(non-load/loaded) 30/22%
Max. pulling force (KN) 190 KN
Hydraulic system Oil pump Double variableplunger pump
Work pressure (bar) 230 bar
Cab Noise (dB) ≤72dB
Temperature (℃) 15℃-25℃

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